venerdì 3 luglio 2009


Una signora inglese perde Tango, il suo gatto, e dopo qualche ora lo vede in TV!

Ecco la sua storia riportata dal daily mail:

Tango had been missing for some hours, having made his way from Mrs Ellery's home to the Treviglas Community College in Newquay, Cornwall, where she works as a dinner lady and where her children Josh, 16, and Katie, 15, are pupils.
Just after 10pm last Thursday, 39-year- old Mrs Ellery was settling down in front of the TV and wondering about Tango's whereabouts.
She said: 'My friend phoned me to say, "Have you seen your cat on the telly?" And there he was.
'It's lovely - he's a mischievous cat anyway and because we live so close to the school he's often in the school grounds.'
Tango, who returned to his owner that night, has since become something of a celebrity. Mrs Ellery said: 'I've even been asked for his paw-tograph.'


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